Not So Much Sleepless, But Certainly Up Late In Seattle

It's 1am and I'm in my favorite city in the US. I've got to be up at 7:30am for a class in the morning, though that has more to do with the fact I want to make myself breakfast and have plenty of time to go to the hotel. My eyes are heavy and my legs are tired from all the walking around town. But even in this state of mind, I can't help thinking how badly I love this city. Could I live here? Is this where I'm supposed to be this summer? What else is possible?

There are several things about this city that are amazing. One, the high quality of seafood is dreamy. Straight dreamy, son. Just ridiculous. The International District is filled with dope Japanese and Chinese restaurants. Food is straight banging in this town. Second, the town is filled with, what my sisters have nicknamed, "Mikey girls." That is to say, girls with a presence about themselves who are artsy and inclined to a more open mindset. Plus, they tend to have died their hair a funky color at least once in their lives. They wear scarves, glasses, have a few tats. They tend to be really chill, open to possibilities. Plus they dig musicians.

What is this telling me? What else is possible? :-)