UNPOPULAR OPINION WARNING: Choosing Reaction Over Thoughtful Consideration Is A Bullshit Ignorant Move

There's a meme going up with some high school girls wearing shirts that look like they spell out the n-word. It has their names listed, clearly with the attempt to publicly shame them. It's being shared and I'm guessing it's going to go viral soon.

I find this to be terribly distasteful and dangerous. Not the act itself, but this campaign to ruin their lives. First of all, we don't know the whole story. Until we do, can we hold off on trying to hurt people because they are disagreeable? Second, if you choose to share it and contribute to irreparably harming these people's reputation you don't know without gathering all the facts and the story turns out to be different than what you thought it would, are you going to spend the same amount of energy trying to reverse you actions? Third, there once was a time when people were allowed to make mistakes, learn from them, and become better people. When you repost this, are you basically saying that time is over and no one is allowed to be forgiven and have a chance to be better?