To those who might be offended by a particular POV I have:

As long as you define yourself by the limitations of this reality, whether it be gender, race, sexuality, nationality, political ideology, or religion, you will never fully realize the infinite, limitless being you truly be. I may have a male body of Pacific Islander/Asian decent who prefers the female form to play with. But I, as a being, have existed through an infinite number of lifetimes, experiencing everything there ever has been experienced. The true reality of what’s going on around and within us has barely been comprehended by the human mind. And while I sometimes choose to see myself as finite, I am an infinite being and I see you as one, too (while you may never choose to let go of limitations, I choose to see your possibilities).


So, if you think I’m being sexist, or insensitive, or narrow minded, go fuck yourself.


hahaha… Sometimes, I make myself laugh. :-P