I'm pleased to announce my newest "residency": Rosenthal Wine Bar & Patio!!!

Now, I put residency in quotes because, I'm basically splitting duties with my homeboy, Jon Cresswell. But today, I got a call and made plans to play at Malibu's Rosenthal Wine Bar & Patio every Saturday night inside from 6p-close. This will be my second residency I've had in town; my first being at Republic Of Pie. And after my last contract, I came back into LA and made a promise to myself that, unless it's a great gig for publicity, I can't play free gigs anymore. And after a few shaky months, I'm super proud and grateful to have been offered this gig.

I'll have it up on my schedule, but suffice it to say, come on by the Rosenthal and enjoy the music Saturday nights. I'm really psyched to do this!