Donald Trump

It's not that I don't care. It's that I care too much and I think you're focusing on the least effective issues.

This is not going to be received well. But that's ok. I hear that for every judgement you can receive, you can make an extra $5000 a year. So, I'm just going to start speaking my mind whether people like it or not.

I'm seeing a TON of political posts about Bernie, Hillary, Trump, and a lot of other noise. People are incredibly passionate about their points of view (by the by, check out this interesting definition of "passion" from a dictionary from 1938 and 1892. Would you be so liberal in using this word if this was it's true meaning?). Yet,in my lifetime and in human history, I've never seen the type of dynamic change that I truly would like to see in the world come from the type of revolutions that we're used to. From what I've observed, the greatest and most dynamic change has come from individuals and movements that had no judgement and based in a space that included everything and judged nothing (including judgement).

I am voting this year. I abstained the last few local elections, but the presidential elections are important to me. So, I'll be recording me vote. Primarily, I'm voting for any candidate who will keep me out an interment camp (Go can go fuck yourself, Mr.Trump. Or just make it public how you hire homeless people to ejaculate on the sleeping backs of orphaned children so you can feel any emotion, like all KNOW you do. It's cool, man. No judgements. #ItsCalledAJoke). But still, I find that all this anger, rage, hate, blame... What is it really creating?

Is it creating a different possibility in this reality? Is it only creating more of the polarity that seems to define this reality? Or, even worse, it's strengthening, feeding the beast that is the POV that you are trying to tear down? Personally, over the last 10 years, I've seen more and more people rail against Mosanto, corporations, big Oil, the Tea Party, ignorance, intolerance, and injustice... and I've only seen those things keep getting stronger.

The people who've I've seen make real changes, real differences, have done so from a point of view of offering a different reality, not an element of difference in the current reality, a straight up departure from the paradigm we exist in. Would that mean that I'm voting for Bernie, Hillary, or Gary Coleman (who did vote for)? I'm not sure, yet. Because, I truly know that nothing changes the world more than the conscious choice to become more aware, to live in the question, to let go of judgement, and to be as happy as you possibly can be. Nothing changes the world more than that.

What about government? Well, it's been said by some mystics, shamans, and some incredibly handsome guys and ladies in good looking clothes, that the face of government will change when 10,000 on the planet are operating from consciousness. While I don't know what the exact number is, I do know that within an 8 year period, a qualified, well intentioned and intelligent white woman went from "Radical departure from the norm" to "too much of the same ol' same old thing." Has anyone else noticed this?

And to anyone who thinks that their loud ass arguments about politics really is doing something and if they can't do that, what could they do to make the world better? You could try these on for size:

- Be a better father/mother/husband/wife/parent/neighbor.

- Forgive someone. Someone you think you could never forgive. Not make it ok that they did what they did, but truly let go of what ever it is that hangs heavy in your heart.

- For 10 seconds, be vulnerable to a complete stranger. You don't have to say anything other than, "Hello."

- Support your local artists by going to a show of theirs. Perhaps one at a wine bar in Malibu on Saturday nights.

- Call an old friend for coffee.

- Tell someone you hurt that you're sorry.

- Tell someone you've felt guilty for wronging them to go fuck themselves and stand up for yourself. What if you never made yourself wrong for anything you've ever done?

These are just a few examples. But I could keep going on. There's too much at stake in this moment in history to keep one's focus on the micro. Yes, politics are important. But they are so much less important and less powerful than a being who as awakened to their true infinite nature and then chooses to show up in their lives as that infinite being.